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Vessel Sinks

Vessel  Sinks

Vessel sinks are the original wash basin. They make the perfect canvas for decorating because they sit above the counter and can be see from anywhere in the bathroom. Most of our vessel sink designs can be applied to any shape of vessel sink, square, round or oblong. Many vessel sinks are best used with a slightly lower level vanity so the height is more comfortable for hand washing.

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The Elegant Swirl design painted on the sink will make a very simple bathroom unique. It works&..
This is a really pretty and elegant scroll motif sourced from an historic archive that looks great o..
The Fancy Emblem design painted on a vessel sink will have everyone talking about your new bathroom...
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Add an sophisticated touch to your bathroom or powder room with the classic Fleur-de-lys motif in me..
Classic Italian Florentine design painted on a contemporary slab style vessel sink. Design is compos..
Make your bath or powder room unique with this contemporary and timeless design painted on a ve..
This is a really cool vessel sink, very grooovy, painted in gold on a round white vessel sink. Perso..
One of my favorite designs! Real metallic gold or platinum loops (or swirls) painted on a contempora..
Modern metallic gold or silver swirling loops design painted on a contemporary rectangle porcelain v..
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Beautifully painted pansies with a rich color scheme of deep red and purple with gorgeous green leav..
The Rococo flowers are one of the most popular designs. First quality sink but I'm discontinuing thi..
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Beautifully painted flowers including poppies, hibiscus, daisies, roses, violets, orchids, free..
This is a new version of the popular Scented Garden design painted on a white flower-shaped porcelai..
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Another version of the Scented Garden, this time with a little less of the design on the basin. Incl..
This sink features a variety of more colorful shells with red, green & blue highlights rest..