Engraved Acanthus Toilet Tank Lid

Engraved Acanthus Toilet Tank Lid
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This toilet matches the Engraved Acanthus Scroll design painted vessel sink. The design has been adapted taken from an historical archive to fit on our sinks and toilets. The design isn't hand-painted, it's done with ceramic decals we have silk-screened in Hawley, PA by SDI Custom Decal. The decals are printed with real gold and platinum (I get charged by the ounce for that depending on how much is on there) and then applied to the ware, in this case a toilet tank lid. It's then fired to about 1500°F which permanently fuses the design to the fixture, it won't wear out or fade away. It will scratch, like all shiny surfaces, if you use something abrasive on it. Cleaning instructions are dishwashing detergent with a soft cotton cloth, then buff with a dry one for a spot-free finish. It works great.

Available in Gold or Platinum. Can be adapted to any kind of toilet tank lid. Visit our Fixture Choices page for options. Price shown is for decoration only, does not include toilet tank/lid or shipping. Contact us for more info.

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